Concealed Vacuum Airflow Technology

Concealed Vacuum Airflow Technology

Minimal Heat

30% More Light Output

Even Light Distribution

Longer Lamp Life


The Science behind the technology

The patented Concealed Vacuum Airflow Technology™ (CVAT) reflector provides 30% more reflective surface for better light as well as the most efficient venting. The design of the hood allows 100% of its specially-designed surface to reflect more light from the lamp, maximizing lumen output. Vertical parabolic reflectors diffuse the light for more even distribution without sacrificing intensity.

The CVAT directs ventilation behind the reflector, away from the lamps and through concealed ducts. The controlled airflow cools the internal lamp chamber and the external housing, offering a cooler running hood than the conventional reflectors that are known to generate excessive heat.


OG reflector air cooling diagram