Lamp Recycling Program


lamp.jpgSimply throwing a bulb away costs nothing. However, in the United States, simply throwing away a bulb is a violation of state and federal environmental regulations.

By simply throwing away a bulb - you violate regulations and risk being fined. Government environmental agencies regularly investigate reports of facility noncompliance and, if violations are found, fines can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Barron Lighting Group is pleased to announce the Growlite Lamp Recycling Program.

With 45 years of experience and expertise in the lighting industry, Barron has a long history of solving lighting challenges.

One such challenge is the correct disposal of lamps. When HID lamps are not properly managed or disposed of in the correct manner, the mercury from these lamps will find its way into the environment, and ultimately ending up in the nation’s waterways as well as into the food chain - heavy metals are dangerous for humans, animals, and the environment.

The Growlite Recycling Program was created to solve the challenge of lamp disposal.

The Growlite Recycling Program is easy, and convenient in just four (4) easy steps.

  1. Order new lamps from Growlite under our Growlite Recycling Program by contacting, please ask about the Growlite Recycling Program price list. 
  2. Once the new lamps are received and installed, re-use the same packaging to re-pack the old lamps.
  3. The new lamps will include a return shipping label, use this label to return the old lamps to Growlite.
  4. After the old lamps are received at Growlite headquarters, a Recycle Certificate will be issued that can be displayed in your facility.

 Download the Growlite Lamp Recycling Program brochure