Green LED Retrofit Kit

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Spec Sheet

The GLE-GL-RKU is a purpose-built LED Retrofit kit designed to allow existing general purpose lighting to be retrofitted for safely lighting the dark cycle when growing short-day plants. Growlite's plant-safe SOFT GREEN LEDs cannot be easily "seen" by plants allowing for critical tasks to be performed in the grow rooms during the dark cycle without the light adversely affecting the growth stage of the plant. The Green Light Retrofit Kit adds a plant-safe SOFT GREEN feature to existing general lighting fixtures in grow facilities allowing full access to grow rooms without disrupting critical photoperiod times.


  • Easy Retrofit installation in all types of general lighting
  • Retrofit installation kit unit includes double-sided mounting tape, mounting screws, and wire connectors
  • Lumens: over 2100 lumens when installed in the typical troffer style fixture
  • Includes two (2) 24" SOFT GREEN LED strips allowing for adaptable field installation
  • Long life, plant-safe SOFT GREEN LEDs provide over 130,000 hours of operation at 25°C with at least 70% of initial lumen output (L70)

Installation Instructions