Growlite offers a variety of lighting solutions designed to fit a wide range of growers' needs in the rapidly expanding and diverse cannabis market. As part of Barron Lighting Group, Growlite's experience in the cannabis industry is combined with decades of LED innovation, allowing Growlite to give cannabis cultivators the tools to produce quality, abundant harvests while reducing energy costs in lighting and HVAC.


Growlite offers focused solutions for all types of cannabis cultivators from indoor table and vertical farming to greenhouse applications. Growlite products are engineered in-house and then tested in real-world applications by professional cultivators as well as verified by independent, third-party labs for quality and yield.


Effective indoor cannabis cultivation encompasses a wide variety of applications. Growlite offers lighting specifically designed for the germination, vegetation and flowering stages of cannabis. Cool-running LED technology and advanced ducting options on HID products reduce high-energy costs associated with HVAC requirements.


Growlite's VARIUS LED Light Bar was designed with rack growers in mind. With patent-pending magnet mounting and on-board drivers that make installation simple, these extremely thin profile, cool-running LED light bars are the perfect solution for vertical farming. Full-, red- and blue-focused spectrums offer growers a powerful light for any stage of plant growth. Combining two or more spectrums increases intensity and spectral quality beyond the capability of standard fixed-spectrum fixtures.


Supplemental greenhouse lighting helps growers take control of the seasons. The small footprint of Growlite's fixtures, including the ARCHON Series, aids in plant growth without interfering with the sun's natural lighting. Ballasts can be attached to the fixture vertically or horizontally, and can be remote mounted to make best use of the space available. Photometric performance is increased by providing more reflective surface area and a more intense uniformity to improve yields and quality.



Growlite's Green LED Series is specifically designed to provide plant-safe SOFT GREEN lighting for horticultural applications. These products provide a safe means of egress or task lighting while not adversely affecting plant growth during dark cycles. UL 924 Listed exit signs with emergency lights, vaportight task lighting and retrofit kits ensure you can safely work and exit the facility without interrupting critical plant dark cycles while meeting building and occupancy codes.

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In addition to our innovative Growlite brand of horticultural lighting products, Barron Lighting Group can provide lighting solutions for your entire facility including office spaces, retail locations, exterior site, parking lot fixtures and decorative lighting.

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